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Отзывы участников Baltic Weekend 2012

Стюарт Смит

Stuart Smith

Ogilvy Public Relations | CEO, EAME | Managing Director, Global Corporate Practice

«Baltic Weekend is the number one forum for professionals to meet and discuss the development of the discipline in Russia. The quality of the attendees and the debates is excellent and the conversations lively and interesting. If you want to know about PR in Russia, the BPRW is an event you must attend».


Петтер Андреассон

Petter Andréasson

Andréasson Public Relations | Managing Director

«It was as always great to visit the PR Weekend — I wish there more of such well organized events around in Europe on the theme of PR. The speakers covered interesting areas and from the point of visitor from Sweden it was interesting to get an insight in the current agenda of PR topics in Russia». Интервью с участниками Baltic Weekend 2012

«Балтийский Weekend — единственное реальное мероприятие в России, которое стоит посещать каждый год!»



Twitter: Первые отзывы участников Baltic Weekend 2012

«Много замечательных встреч, идей и мгновений вспоминаются яркой кинолентой»